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Please read our Entensive FAQ.  It has a lot more information.
Band Recording
Music Machine specializes in band recording.  We can track your band live with any degree of isolation, from complete separation to live room recordings.  We use great microphones and equipment to capture "your" sound.  We work with many styles of music including Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, Classical and others.  We have experience recording a large variety of acoustic and electronic instruments including our own Kawai 6'1" grand piano and our Hammond L111 organ.  We welcome experimentation if you have a special creative vision in mind.  We can take a project from the "raw ideas" phase to a finished high end production.  Quick demos or "Get Me Work" demos, as I like to call them are never a problem. Please read our extensive FAQ for more information.
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Writer Recording
Singer/song writers are another Music Machine specialty.  We can record simple demos such as Guitar and Vocal or Piano and Vocal in a snap.  We can also take songs to that high level with full arrangements using either live musicians or electronic accompaniment.  We have a smoking hot selection of great session musicians on call.  Music Machine has many years of experience and lots of patience to coax the best performance out of the artists we work with.  Please read our FAQ for more info. 
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Audition Recording
Many music students need recordings of themselves for the purpose of auditioning for bands, orchestras, college entrance or special music programs.  Music Machine records many demos of this nature each year.  We have experience recording all the instruments of the orchestra and have a fine grand piano for your accompanist.
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Karoake Recording
This is a job that my studio sees often.  It's usually a singer who wants to give a birthday, or anniversary or other special occasion gift to that special someone.  Sometimes it may be a singer who wants to make a demo using cover songs or a songwriter with pre-recorded original tracks.  In this type of recording, the singer is required to bring in either a Karaoke CD(s) or their original music CD(s) of choice.  Remember though, I cannot remove vocals from a CD, so the CDs should be music and background vocals only if you intend to sing the lead vocal.  I'll then set the vocalist up to sing along with their chosen song(s) and record the results.  Be sure to bring the lyrics.  There are no scrolling words on a karaoke machine.
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Voiceover recording for any need, including radio and TV spots, audio books, motivational CDs, web projects, corporate presentations, video, etc... is available.  We also can put you together with voiceover talent for your project. For more information, contact me.  
If you are voiceover talent, please send me your demo CD or MP3's to keep on file for future recommendations.
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Audio Books
Audio Books and motivational cd's are very popular right now.  Music Machine can record your masterpiece.  We can help you to realize a logical layout for your project, add music and/or sound effects and give your voiceover just the right sound.
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In today's world of home recording and inexpensive "Prosumer" gear, many artists and bands are opting to record their music at home or in their rehearsal space.  This can be a real good thing for your budget and you can achieve excellent results with a little patience and know-how.  Many times though, achieving a really slamming final mix of your music is difficult due to variety of reasons, including a poor acoustic environment, inadequate gear and/or a lack of experience.  This is where Music Machine comes in.  We can mix your tracks and make the final sound significantly better.  We are working with high end gear and have an acoustically correct mixing environment.  Also, in the art of mixing, experience goes a long way.  Music Machine has mixed many projects that were not recorded at our facility and have usually exceeded our clients expectations.  Mixing is arguably the most important parts of the recording process.  Don't trust it to just anyone.
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We can master your material and prepare your final cd for duplication.  This includes:
  • Song or title ordering
  • Taking out extraneous noises at the beginnings and ends of cuts as well as fade ins and fade outs.
  • Setting the "blank" time in between cuts.
  • Leveling and dynamics - making sure the songs are all the same relative levels and are at the correct level for proper playback.
  • Tone color and sweetening - frequency and ambience management to make the material sound its best on a variety of playback systems.
  • Preparing the digital files for the cd manufacturer - includes adding "CD Text."  
Please read our FAQ for more info.
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Audio Format Transfer/Change
Music Machine can transfer or change one audio format to another.  Formats include:
  • Vinyl Record (33, 45 or 78 RPM) to CD
  • Cassette to CD
  • DAT to CD
  • Computer formats from any type to any type
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Music Machine can compose new music for any need, including radio and TV commercials, movies and films, video games, audio books, motivational CDs, exercise videos/cd's, corporate presentations, web presentations, etc...  We can compose music in many styles including Rock, Jazz, Classical, Techno, Dance, Pop, Ambient, and Country.  Sound effect tracks are also available.  Please contact me to discuss your project.
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We can help rehearse your artist or band, making suggestions about performance, arrangements, form, technique and song choice, etc...  Pre-production is often forgotten and/or neglected by amateur bands and artists even though it is an essential part of the recording process.  Many times it's just not in the artist's budget to afford pre-production.  We suggest pre-production for any serious recording project.  It helps an artist to be fully prepared before hitting the record button and saves time in the long run.  Also, this is a great time for me to get to know the client(s) and their material before recording.  Please contact me for more information and read our FAQ.
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If you are a band or artist that is serious about a career in music and have a lot of talent, Music Machine can produce your next record.  We will only take on production projects in which we think the material is of exceptional quality.  We accept unsolicited demos.  Please contact me if you think you have what it takes.
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