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Two Track and Multi-Track Recorders
Museum Computers
Digital Audio Workstation

Midi Controllers
Midi Interfaces
Control Room Amplifiers
PA System
Guitar and Keyboard Amps
Drums, Piano and Organ
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Euphonix CS2000 - 56 channel, 24 bus analog console with full automation and recall. Clean sounding console with excellent Mic Preamps and pristine EQ.
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Two Track and Multi-Track Recorders

Alesis Masterlink ML-9600 - 24 bit/96khz 2 track digital hard disk recorder and CD burner
Alesis ADAT (original) - 8 track digital recorder
Alesis AI-1 - digital patch bay and sample rate converter
JL Cooper DataMaster - Sync box
Panasonic SV3700 DAT - 2 track digital recorder
Sony TC-WA9ES - 2 track Dual Well Cassette recorder
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AKG 414
AKG C1000
AKG C535
AKG D112
Audio Technica AT804
Audio Technica AT825 Stereo Mic
Audio-Technica AT8531
Audio Technica KitPack Drum Mikes
Audix D1 Drum Mikes
Audix D2 Drum Mike
Audix D3 Drum Mike
ElectroVoice RE20
Neumann U87
Neumann KM 184
Rhodes Tube Classic

Royer R-122
Sennheiser 421
Sony C800G
Sure SM57
Sure SM58
Sure Beta 58
Sure SM81
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Alesis 3630 - Stereo compressor gate
Alesis Quadraverb - Multi-effects
Amek 9098 - Pre-amp and EQ
2 Aphex Compellor's (320A) - Cool Compressors
Ashly PQ2600 - Stereo parametric EQ
Ashly SG35E - Quadgate
Avalon 737SP - Class A Mic preamp and compressor.
BBE 462 Sonic Maximizer - Spectral Enhancer.
Digitech GSP2101 - Multi-effects
Digitech Time Machine RDS 8000 - 8 seconds modulation delay. My very favorite delay
Digitech Time Machine RDS 4000 - 4 seconds modulation delay.
Electrix Filter Factory - Excellent multimode filter with an LFO, great for techno and dance music.
Empirical Labs Distressor - Slamming Compressor
Lexicon MPX 100 - Multi-effects.
Lexicon Prime Time - Awesome Modulation Delay
Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler - very cool physical modeling based delay. Reproduces many classic delay sounds
Roland GP8 - Multi-effects
Summit Audio TD-100 - Tube Direct Box
TC Electronics Triple C - Multiband Compressors (4 Channels)
TC Helicon Voice 1 - Excellent Voice processor with pitch shifting and format processing
TL Audio Valve Compressor - Excellent tube preamp and compressor
UA 6176 - Sweet Pre-amp and Compressor
White 4001 Eq's (Stereo Pair) - Unique Shelving Eq's
Yamaha SPX90 - Multi-effects

We also have many stomp box style pedals available for your creative pleasure.


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Power Mac G4 with two 1 ghz processors, 2Gig ram and plenty of Hard disk space

PC with Pentium IV 2 ghz processor, 512 MB ram and plenty of Hard disk space

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Museum Computers - I've been using Mac's since 1984
Mac G3/333 Beige
Mac 7600
Mac 8100/80
Mac 840AV
Mac Quadra 650
Mac SE30
Mac Classic 128K
- The First Mac put out in 1984. I'm looking to buy a LISA to add to my museum. If you have any info on a LISA for sale or other interesting LISA stuff, then contact me
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Digital Audio Work Station

ProTools HD II TDM Digital Audio Workstation - 96 Track 24 bit/192 Khz ProTools HD II system with a 192 I/O, a 96 I/O and 2 Alesis AI3's. We use this powerful system for tracking, digital editing and enhancement of tracks. We also use the system for digital mastering and CD premastering.
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Bias Peak - digital audio editing software with effects processing plug-ins
Chicken Systems Translator - Sample format translation software
Coda Finale - Music scoring software (both PC and Mac)
Digidesign ProTools - Hard disk recording software for use with our ProTools Digital Audio Work Station. We also have over 50 TDM plug-ins for ProTools which do everything from compression and limiting, to equalization, to wild SciFi effects, all in the digital domain
Emagic Logic Audio - midi sequencing & hard disk recording software
MOTU Digital Performer - midi sequencing & hard disk recording software
MOTU Unisynth - synth editing software
Sony Acid Pro - Sample Looping Software
Sonic Foundry Sound Forge - digital audio editing software with effects processing plug-ins
Steinberg Cubase/Neundo - midi sequencing & hard disk recording software

Plus many other software titles. Too many to list

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NI Kontakt - PC based sample playback software sporting 64 part multitimbral capabilities and 160 notes of polyphony. This system can load gigabytes of samples. Sound is delivered by a 16 channel Frontier Designs Dakota card

We have a large library of samples on CD-ROM - We have tons of drum loops, bass, synth and dance sounds, as well as extremely high quality orchestra samples and great sound effects. We also have software programs for the manipultion of these samples such as Acid, Recycle, Time Bandit, Alchemy and Infinity just to name a few. Another cool program that I think fits well in the sampling section is Recycle. Recyle is a great program for making Techno and Dance loops and grooves.

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Midi Controllers
Fatar Studio Logic SL-990 - 88 key, weighted action keyboard controller
Kurzweil Expression Mate - Midi Ribbon Controller
Mackie Baby HUI - Midi Fader Bank for controlling ProTools
Roland Octapad - midi drum pads
Yamaha RGX110 - guitar with Roland GK1/GM70 guitar to midi converter
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Midi Interfaces

2 MOTU Express XT's - Two 8 port midi interfaces for a total of 256 midi channels
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Genelec 1031A - Near Field Monitors
JBL 4208 - (buddha bellies)
Tannoy 6.5's
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Control Room & Headphone Amplifiers

Behringer Power Play - High powered headphone distribution amp
Crown PB1 - Control Room Amp
Furman HDS-16 and 4 HRM-16 - Head phone distribution system with 4 individual headphone mix stations
Samson S-Phone - High powered headphone distribution amp
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PA System

Allen and Heath GL2200 - 32 channel live sound console (Front of house board)
Crown Macrotech 1202 - Monitor amplifier
Crown Macrotech 2202 - Mains amplifier
Crown Macrotech 3600 - Subs amplifier
3 of DBX 166XL - Compressors
3 of DBX 1215 - Graphic Equalizers
2 of EAW JF560Z - Top speakers (15" with a horn)
2 of EAW LA118 - Sub speakers (Single 18")
2 of EAW SM122E - Stage Monitors (12" with a horn)
2 of Yorkville Elite EM168 - Stage monitors (10" with a horn)
ProCo Snake - 24 channel splitter snake with isolation transformers and ground lifts
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Guitar, Bass and Keyboard Amps

Fender Twin Reverb - Classic Fender guitar tube amp
Hartke HA3500, 350 watt head with a SRW Working Pro Cabinet(4x10" speakers) - Bass amplifier
Line 6 POD - Although this is not a guitar amp, it is the premier guitar amp simulator available today. With this box you can achieve just about any guitar amp sound you can dream up. Everything from Marshall Stacks, to Fender Twins, to British Tweeds, to Vox AC 30's, to Matchless Chieftains, plus many more. Or you can just come up with your own creations
Marshall ValveState 2000 - Hybrid solid state and tube guitar amp
Roland Cube 60 - 2 channel keyboard amplifier
Sun Solaris head feeding an Ampeg Quad cabinet with 4x12" Altec speakers - Classic clean sound. This amp used for guitar and bass
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Drums, Piano, Rhodes and Organ




DW (Drum Workshop) Studio Series drum set - Beautiful sounding maple drums with Ziljian cymbals and hats
Kawai Grand Piano - 6'1" Grand Piano always kept in perfect shape.

Fender Rhodes 73 - Classic Fender Roads.
Latin Percusion Caliente Congas - plus other percussion instruments such as shakers, tambourine, vibraslap, etc....
Hammond L111 Organ with a HL822 Leslie Speaker Cabinet - Vintage Hammond organ with leslie for that real Hammond sound.
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Alesis DM5 - Drum Module
Alesis S4 Quadrasynth -16-Part multitimbral and 32-voice polyphonic Module
EMU MPS Plus Orchestra - 61 keys, 16-Part multitimbral and 32-voice polyphonic
E-Mu Planet Phatt - 16-Part multitimbral and 64-voice polyphonic Module. Excellent for Dance, Rap, Hiphop and R&B
E-Mu Xtreme Lead 1 - 16-Part multitimbral and 64-voice polyphonic Module. Excellent for Dance, Rap, Hiphop and R&B
Korg DW8000 - 61 keys, Digital Waveform Synthesis
Roland JV1080 - 16-Part multitimbral and 64-voice polyphonic Module. Music industry workhorse
Waldorf Micro Q -16-Part multitimbral and 32-voice polyphonic Module
Yamaha TG500 - 16-Part multitimbral and 64-voice polyphonic Module
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Equipment Available Upon Request - Most current equipment, including monitors, analog tape recorders, processors, synthesizers, etc.. as well as some vintage equipment is available for a very small rental fee. Please ask us if you need a piece of equipment that you don't see on this list. Most often we will be able to accommodate you.
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