About the Owner/Engineer
            Jon Witte's passion for music and audio engineering started when he was just a small child.  He studied guitar, piano and trumpet, as well as disassembled every electronic device in the house.  This grew in the typical way to playing in bands and hording recording gear in high school and college.  He holds a Bachelor of Music degree in theory and composition from Montclair State University.  As a student he took great pride in running MSU's electronic studio and putting on concerts of new music that he composed.  He then founded Music Machine Studio in 1996 as a place for him and other musicians to work.

            Music Machine has grown into a full service commercial studio.  Jon has engineered for many bands and artists over the years.  He composes music in many styles including classical, jazz, and rock and has made many contributions to other artists work as an instrumentalist and producer.  He enjoys being creative and exploring the ever evolving world of music and technology.  As a creative individual, his life is dedicated to putting top quality work and progressive thinking into all of Music Machine's projects.
            Vicki Witte is co-owner of Music Machine and Jon's loving wife.  Also a music lover, she enjoys listening to the large variety of new music that our clients create.  She works part time at the studio and excels at session scheduling, financial management and big hearted hospitality.